Summer Demos (EP due fall '16)

by Boat Drinks

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released January 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Boat Drinks Denver, Colorado

Boat Drinks is a Denver-based indie punk band that makes noisey pop songs.

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Track Name: Old Boy
In my mind I always win
But in real life I always start again
I want to be forever young
But I am an old boy
& it's catching up

We are pillars of smoke
Stop moving, you are a broken myth
Stop trying to find your way back home
The nails in my coffin are painted
With the ashes of branches, pine cones

Stop moving you are a broken myth,
Stop trying to find your way back home--
I'm looking at a map of my city
& I don't know where it's gone
And it's catching up.
Track Name: Enemies
Are there hard decisions, trying to figure out what’s right
While sitting in a debtor’s prison
Doing back taxes on my life
I checked out a month ago
Did you notice, did you go
A little crazy, did you miss me?
Tell me so

Count this among the reasons
We’re hurtling inexorably
Driving across the Atchafalaya
To a future glistening
I once stared at the splinters in your eyes
While squinting through the ones in mine
But you turned me on to a little light-- little light, I’ma let it shine

Draw your dreams on your collar
Show them to your enemies
Spur on your future through those enemies floating on the breeze
Enemies there behind us; Enemies on both sides; enemies there in front of us
Track Name: Mild Might
Gone are the days of perpetual departure
Gone are the days that we measured in decline
Gone are the days when we held a worthless currency
Many are the ways, and mighty are our minds
Gone are the days of drafting behind enemies
Gone are the days when we ran our races smart
Gone are the days when we feared the sun, we ran from it
Now we take the sun’s power and make it shine harder
It’s not that hard, it’s not that hard, get out the way
What do I say, in answer to my brother’s kid?
What do I say, when he asks me what his father did?
Hail Holy Queen! We invite your boy’s returning--
We are your sons, we are not the only ones.
Track Name: Senses
Like a dog that doesn't know what to do
When he catches a car
That was the day that you met her
& she don't care where you are now

Everything that you taste and see
Smell and hear and feel
Nothing's worth a song
Cuz you've been paying attention
Concentrating on shit you know is all wrong

I said hey friend, don't worry
I know her, and maybe her love will strengthen
You said no no no you don't know
No no no-- then you told me about last weekend

And everything that she said and did
and you don't even believe
that she ever stopped to think
Whether this was lasting